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How to prepare wood to avoid infestation



There is no doubt that the safest and most thorough forms of treatment are those carried out by the manufacturer using impregnation under pressure in special equipment to ensure deepest penetration of preservatives and also to ensure that the wood is safe to handle and use after treatment. It is commonplace now for window frames and roof elements to be pre-treated. Surface varnishes and polishes considerably reduce the risk of attack if they prevent the insect laying its eggs in the wood.



Reduce Possibility of Wood Infestation

1.     Old house borer and furniture_beetle.htm larvae are most frequently introduced to homes through building materials, firewood, flooring, paneling, or furniture brought into a house. Inspect timber and wood products delivered to your home for the small emergence holes of wood-destroying beetles.

2.      Debark and split firewood and stack it away from the house.

3.      Reduce moisture levels within the house by installing proper ventilation and by modern levels of heating which create dry atmosphere that insects dislike.

4.    Sand and coat susceptible wood with varnish or paint. These topical applications fill small cracks and pores in the wood that eliminate sites for egg deposition.

5.    As a preventive measure, borax-based products can be painted or sprayed directly onto susceptible wood by a licensed pest control operator.