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Determining the position of larvae



There are two main approach of determining position of larvae. The first one is detecting the larvae with the help of X-ray equipment. More data about determining the position of the larvae with X-ray can be found on the Links page.


Stethoscopes are sometimes used to diagnose an infestation of active woodborers. The major problem of detection of wood destroying beetles is their inconstant activities. Larvae could be inactive for months before again start to munching a wood. The missing munching sound could give you a wrong overview about the real situation. So in some cases it is necessary to think about automatic recording systems to show activities on spectrogram. Sound approach could be expensive and time-consuming work.


Second approach of determining position of larvae is professional dowsing. This method is not dependant on larvae inconstant activities and missing munching sound. You get immediate results with no wood surface destruction. But only skilled professionals can determine accurate position of active or inactive larvae with high precision.