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Eradication of pests



Environmental approach


Environmental approach has advantages over chemical treatments including the absence of any toxic materials, no damage is caused to materials, and no post treatment delay is incurred by the need to ventilate. Three environmental approaches are:


1.    Frosting approach. Eradication of Hylotrupes bajulus larvae is possible only at very low temperatures because they produce substance that protects them from frosting up to 24 hours at -41°C. Eggs practically cannot be exterminated by cold treatment. Researches in cold environment conditions at about 10°C for long period (100 days) shows a greater proportion of Hylotrupes bajulus large larvae (weight 200-500 mg) underwent metamorphosis. They emerge in shorter time after the termination of the cold treatment period and shows greater uniformity in emergence time.


2.     Hot air approach. Some company's uses warm air technology to destroy pests (wood worm, carpet beetle larvae etc) infestations on items such as wood, textiles and books that are placed in a chamber in which temperature, humidity and atmosphere can be controlled. Objects are placed in the chamber for periods of up to 48 hours at temperatures of between 38°C and 55°C and at a level of constant humidity. See Thermo Lignum Company






3.     LesvinŽ approach


At the end of May and at the beginning of June 2003 has been developed completely new approach to destroy Old House Borer and furniture_beetle.htm by Mr. Mare Hrovat from Promin Company. Lesvin approach uses specific electro magnetic waves that influence harmful to woodworms. Electro-magnetic waves penetrate into the wood and destroy pests. Wood cannot be damaged. There is no need make any physical contacts to the wood or any treatment with poisonous chemical substances for wooden pests controlling. Lesvin treatment lasts for 10-30 minutes. After the treatment all larvae, eggs and beetles withered away. New approach is easy, fast and completely save. The effect is immediate and most important is, completely absence of negative influence; therefore it is particularly appropriate for dwelling space. Furniture withdrawal is not needed as well as ventilation of dwelling space. Leslin is worldwide completely new eradication approach to wooden pests. The treatment is implementing Promin Company from Slovenia.