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Proceedings No. 18

Proceedings No. 18

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of the 19th International Topical Conference Origin of Slovenes and Europeans, Lublana, 2nd of June, 2023
Binding: Paperback
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Height: 23.5 cm
Width: 16.5 cm
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Language: English, Slovene
Author: (see Contents)
Publisher: PROMIN d.o.o.
Year: 2023
ISBN: 978-961-947-?-???

Valery D. Osipov
The Identification Tag (dog tag) of the Spartan Warrior 7
Identifikacijska oznaka (značka) vojaka iz Šparte

Yuriy Myskiv
The etymology and origin of Bastarnian tribes, Peucini and Sitoni-Bodini ?
Etimologija in izvor bastarnijskih plemen Peucini in Sitoni-Bodini

Giancarlo T. Tomezzoli, Reinhardt S. Stein
Venetic Personal Anthroponyms ?
Venetska osebna imena

Marko Hrovat
Jelka phallus ?
Jelka falus

Patricia Robin Woodruff
The Triple God of Old Europe; Triglav, Jarilo, Perun, Veles, Potrimpos, Rhugevit, and Others ?
Trobog stare Evrope; Triglav, Jarilo, Perun, Veles, Potrimpos, Rhugevit in ostali

Marko Hrovat
Novilara Stele ?
Stela iz Novilare

Tomasz J. Kosiński
Presentation of the Old Proceedings Topogenesis of the Slavs in Terms of Language ?
Prostorska umestitev Slovanov v luči jezika

Tomasz J. Kosiński
The Forgotten “Kingdom of the Slavs” (Mauro Orbini) ?
Spomenik Peruša (Cippus Perusinus)

Marko Hrovat
Peruša cippus (Cippus Perusinus) ?
Spomenik Peruša (Cippus Perusinus)

     Independence of science is a free state in which any educated person can research without restriction and is allowed to publish results in significant public media. When lies are being forced intentionally, while the truth is being actively restricted, we know that parasites control society’s immune system. We can find nowadays society in such a state. Cancer took control of the flow of information. Now that cancer formation is destroying healthy cells. SSK (Slovene World Congress) which held many important events of great importance for Slovenes all around the Globe, was disabled by para-sites. In 2018, that evil creature prevented SSK from working normally; after that, they succeeded in throwing them out of their office. In a new disreputable location, out of the center of Lublana, the management of SSK was forbidden to hold any public event, even if rooms are suitable enough.

What does the exposed situation reveal to us? It tells straightly that the Slovene society is being controlled by parasites, who want to shout down the Slovene speech and push out the Slovenekind on the periphery of the state, which is native of the Slovene language. The Slovene greatest poet Prešeren wrote: »Less fearful is the night in black earth’s womb Then days of slavery here beneath the sun.« How do get rid of cancer formations? Just ask the oncology surgeon.

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