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Conditions of Use

PROMIN Trgovina, which is managing by the company of PROMIN d.o.o., Karantanska 20, 1230 Domžale.
Any person or company who is shopping online at the PROMIN's web pages.

Buyer has an option to choose between the Slovene and the English languages and among different currencies.

Price and Currencies
The price of product, shipping and other costs are listed in euro (EUR). Prices expressed in other currencies are subject of periodical refreshment with the ECB rate list. Therefore, prices can distinguish slightly from one to another day, while prices in EUR are fixed. The PROMIN d.o.o. has no obligation to calculate VAT due to Tax Service regulations, consequently prices are tax free. Prices and other benefits (discounts, gifts, mode of delivery, postage, etc.) are valid at the time of order confirmation.

Buyer receives an original invoice after payment is confirmed. Invoice is sent to buyer in electronic form (pdf) by email, due to policy of the environment protection. Optionally, the invoice can be printed on paper and send by mail. Printed form is charging additionally. Invoice includes only ordered items or services in conjunction with the general terms and conditions, published on this site and confirmed at the time of order.

Duration of delivery depends on the selected type of dispatch. Delivery expected in Slovenia lasts for 2-3 days. Delivery in other countries depends greatly on the postal zone and on the local distribution service in your country. If you select Store pickup (walk-in) as a distribution option, please call us prior of your arrive to our company to arrange the most suitable time for picking up your products. In case of pre-orders, or in case when product you ordered come out of stock, your package will be dispatched when a new shipment is received in our store. You will be informed about low stock of the product anyway, at the time of product selection.

Withdrawal of the Buyer
Buyer has a right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days after receipt of the ordered products (packet). Please, inform us about your withdrawal by mail on the address PROMIN d.o.o., Karantanska 20, 1230 Domžale or by email Withdrawal takes into operation only in the case, if we receive withdrawal within the time limit. Products delivered to customer shall be returned on the seller's address undamaged, unaltered and in original package at the latest14 days from notification of your withdrawal. Buyer is obligated to cover all expenses. If withdrawal from the contract is set on time and products are returned within the time limit and in obligated state, PROMIN d.o.o. will refund purchased amount within 14 days, on account specified by the buyer. Products that have security seal do not meet the right of withdrawal from contract, if you already opened the seal.

Withdrawal of the Seller
PROMIN reserves the right to cancel implementation of the contract entirely or by way of exception, in cases when:
  • ordered books in stock runs out
  • buyer payment ability is indicated to be risky
  • order form has not been fulfilled in accordance with the general terms and conditions
In these and similar cases, you will be informed about our withdrawal from the contract, by email or phone as soon, as possible. In the case when a new shipment is expecting in short time, a delayed shipment of your order will be offered to you.

Dispute Resolution
Buyer can claim all his rights recognized by law. Buyer is encouraged to apply any fault or error in material to PROMIN d.o.o., Karantanska 20, 1230 Domžale. Claim and complaints can be reported also by the phone +386 (0)1 722-07-70. Anyway dispute with all relevant evidences has to be sent to company's mail, or email info@promin. Reclamations and disputes will be solved shortly. PROMIN d.o.o. does not recognize any contractor IRPS as a holding power of attorney of the consumer disputes. Contrarily to extra-judicial procedure, customer can follow the procedure for settling a dispute that can be found on the web page In the case when buyer press charges against PROMIN d.o.o., the jurisdiction over dispute has the District Court of Lublana (Okrajno sodišče v Ljubljani)

Piece of evidence about your web purchase is original invoice, and additionally, print of the buyers shopping history found in his account on our web store. PROMIN Trgovina keep material evidences about buyer orders, General Sales Conditions and Privacy Policy and other relevant documents. Buyer can obtain the documents at the company headquarters, prior to his written request.

By clicking the button (confirm order) at the last step, "Step 5 - Order Confirmation", data about your purchase are stored into our informational system. Data about your order will be sent to your e-mail address that you provided during registration, to remain informed about your order. Contract between seller and buyer is made after buyer confirms the button (confirm order). That way buyer confirms that is familiar with entire text of the General Sales Conditions, which are listed here. The contract expires after all obligations are fully realized, included payment and delivery of the ordered products. You can check and print the history of your orders in your account at any time. Order/contract is concluded in the Slovene language.

Every act of click, input and purchase made on the web store PROMIN Trgovina, on the line between buyer and seller, is encrypted with the protocol HTTPS. That way a safety and anonymity of buyer is assured.

Personal Data
By clicking on the button (submit) on the web page "My Account Information", you agree that PROMIN Trgovina store, maintain and operate your personal data for the purpose of implementing your on-line order. Personal data are stored for the period of time, according with regulation for keeping the business papers. PROMIN d.o.o. is obligated to keep and protect your personal information according to legislation. You can claim stop using your personal data at any time, either temporarily or permanently, but not before your order is purchased and payment is received. Application has to be sent in a written form. It will be implemented 15 days after decision is made. You will be informed about all actions taken in 7 days at our expense.

Acquaintance with Conditions
By selecting the choice "I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions bound to this order." and clicking the button ( continue checkout ) on the screen "Step 4 - Payment Information" you confirm that you are informed with general sales conditions entirely. Moreover, you confirm that you were explicitly informed and warned about those conditions, at the time of registration. Order or contract eventually is concluded in the Slovene language.

In the case of questions or troubles you can contact us at working time. Please call us or write to us, either on mail or e-mail.

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