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This site discus about searching ecological solutions and optimisation of existing solutions in all fields of human activities concerned with the nature. Human purblindness has been causing a lot of problems, but many small steps are composing the bright path and we want to take a part of it.



Long-term negative consequences are often caused by human short-term activity and inconsideration. They retaliate to us in one or another degree, and unfortunately to other living creatures in the nature that are not liable for it. Many influential economists and politicians do not see much further from their account in spite of consequences. With their influence and under the pretence of progress, they do an enormous detriment to all of us. That can be seen in global cataclysm. Last time it seems an improvement has been made. But some important countries do not take responsible measures to gradually reduce their pollution, which is the cause by their industrial activities.


The mankind achieves a great success. Man was on the moon, topmost achievements are made by military and other industry, computers yet speed up the progress, cloning has been making, DNA has been exploiting to make new creatures, although it is in exclusive competence of god or nature. So selfish, self-affected, human arrogance is knocking to the door of the god's kingdom, not aware that blind, deaf and mute cannot go further without lading it to more suffer and damage. On the other hand in 21st century we recognise more than 10.000 substances in the food, but only 300 of them has been researched. Do not know much about affecting of other substances. Despite of almost complete darkness at that sphere also emulsifiers, pigments and other staffs are admixed to the food. The results indicate in vary diseases and allergies as a long term poisoning. Insect influence to environment and industrial plants is still not researched enough. Their part in the nature and cohabitation possibility, we do not even try to understand. The only thing we do is to poisoning them with chemicals, that short-term and long-term has been poisoning environment, us and also other animals. Some areas are poisoned 150 meters in deep, and so are underground and surface water. Poisonous chemicals meant to pests have no full effect or not at all, because pests has been developed resistance to them.


Looking to the whole can be state out, that mankind has never been technologically as developed as today. But on the other hand we were also never so cloven, frustrated, poisoned, sickened and so far away from god or nature as today. Many people believe mankind achieved a great stage. If they could be able to see at least 1000 years in advance, would realize we are at very low stage of progress, which could be compared by rooting to the mood. Many of us are not able to see out of oneself, not further and not upwards. A lot of energy would be required to achieve mental level and perception to change our lives better. Human activity should be returned to the time of the beginning of the 20st century.


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